About US

At the VSA we offer a broad spectrum of Courses and Lessons to the general public

through to experienced sailors. All of our Teachings and Lessons are based off of

the RYA (Royal Yacht Association) sailing scheme. The lessons offered are available

to anyone between the age of 7 to 18.Adults Soon to come. Beginner Opti-

mist Lessons Begin at age 7. There after there are the Laser Single handed & 420

Double handed Sail boats which are suitable for sailors between the ages 14 and up.




Provide a quality sailing Experience to the Academy Members and guests of the community.

Create a welcoming and open door atmosphere for not just advanced sailors but beginners as well.

Allow our youth to meet their sailing potential and maximize their knowledge and enjoyment of the sport.

Recruit Bermudian qualified coaches that are able to deliver quality consistent service to members.

Maximize the use of our waterfront and develop a safe haven for members and boats.

Our Vision

Our Vision at The Visionary Sailing Academy is to create a leading community facility in the heart of the West End which has the youth Sailing Program at its core Focus. We aim to be the Academy and Cub of choice with the most satisfied members.



Rajae Woods

Founder & CEO

 RYA Dingy & Senior Instructor Specializ- ing in racing, Multihulls and Keel Boats

I have been trained by top coaches from around the world, such as Diego Romero & Pablo Webber of Argentina, Tom Colman of Canada, Krzysztof

Machnowski, and ED Wright of Britain to name a few. Sailing year round my skills quickly developed to a top level of competition. Traveling around the world for regattas and training in

other countries such as Florida, Texas, Ecuador, Canada, Spain And Great Britain,

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