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Summer Sailing 2019

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Summer Sailing

VSA offers Summer Sailing. from ages 8 - adult.

afterschool/Weekends Sailing

Have some spare time ? take up sessions after school or on the weekend.

Adult/ Private Lessons

Bermuda is surrounded by water, nothing like taking a leisure sail around the island. embark on learning to sail at any age.VSA caters to all

Welcome to VSA

Visionary Sailing Academy is a new program that offers quality sailing lessons and sailboat rentals. With us you can learn then cultivate you new skills and hone in on racing and competition.

We allocated at a prime spot with the West End Sailboat Club. we have direct access to the Great sound and all the possibilities for improvised sailing ares.

VSA came into formation 2017 and growing every year. we give opportunities to young up and coming sailing instructors. providing a hub for community growth.